[svlug] TCL/TK install on RH 9.0 (Was re: no subject)

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Fri Jul 4 16:49:53 PDT 2003

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On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 10:38:21PM +0100, sameer kumar wrote:
> hi
> im having redhat9.0. im trying to install a TCL/TK
> package which is inthe form of cd. but wheni m trying
> to unzip the contents in the cd its not unzipping. let
> m eknow wat to do.

Can you be a little more elaborate?  "Its not unzipping" doesn't say much,
because it could be for quite a number of different reasons.

First off, is it a "ZIP"-file proper? (e.g., a PKZIP file "something.zip"?)
Or by "zip" did you mean a "GZIP"-file, like is typically used in Unix/Linux?

What command were you running to try to unzip it, and what error were you

If you did something like:

  cd /mnt/cdrom/
  gunzip THE_TCL_FILE.gz   [ or tar -xzf THE_TCL_ARCHIVE.tar.gz, or whatever ]

it would certainly refuse to do it, since you're in the CDROM's directory,
and CDROMs are read-only!  :^)

You would want to do something like:

  cd /mnt/cdrom
  cp THE_TCL_FILE.gz /tmp/
  cd /tmp/
  gunzip THE_TCL_FILE.gz   [ or whatever ]

Or perhaps:

  cd $HOME
  cp /mnt/cdrom/THE_TCL_FILE.gz .    [ copy it to your homedir ]
  gunzip THE_TCL_FILE.gz

If it's a tar archive, you can just do:

  cd $HOME
                                                  [ no copying necessary ]
  tar -xzf /mnt/cdrom/THE_TCL_ARCHIVE.tar.gz

and you will have the un-gzipped and un-tarred archive in your homedir.

BEWARE:  When dealing with PKZIP files ("archive.zip") and
TAR archives ("archive.tar.gz", "archive.tar", "archive.tgz",
"archive.tar.bz2", et cetera), sometimes people do not put a main
subdirectory in the archive!

In other words, _most_ sane people do something like this to create a
tar archive:

  tar -czf FILES.tar.gz DIRECTORY

so when you "tar -xzf FILES.tar.gz", it creates a directory ("DIRECTORY"),
and puts all of the files in there.  The internal structure of the archive
looks like:


However, if they just did something like this:

  tar -czf FILES.tar.gz *

and therefore the structure of the archive ends up looking like:


...Which means if you untar this in your homedirectory, it will splat out
all of the files into your homedir (possibly overwriting any files with the
same name!!!), which can be irritating.  You have to "damage control"
afterwards to clean it up.  e.g.:

  cd $HOME
  tar -xzf INSANE_ARCHIVE.tar.gz
  ls -l                            [ see what's in your homedir ]
                                   [ think to yourself "aww CRAP! damnit!" ]
                                   [ hope you got them all and nothing got
                                     overwritten ;^) ]

So, as a rule of thumb, I normally do this before untar'ing (or unZIPing)

  cd $HOME
  tar -tzf POSSIBLY_INSANE_ARCHIVE.tar.gz   [ notice "t"=Table option,
                                              rather than "x"=eXtract ]
  [ it will spit out a list of what's in the archive ]

If the archive is sane (e.g., comes with its own subdir), I'll just
open the archive with "tar -xzf" and be on my way.

If it does NOT have a subdir, I'll make one, and then open it:

  tar -xzf ../INSANE_ARCHIVE.tar.gz

(Note: For ZIP files, the option to "zip" for Linux is "-v" for "view":
  "unzip -v ARCHIVE_TO_EXAMINE.zip")

Anyway .. not sure whether any of this helped answer your actual issue,
but then again, you didn't give much to go on. ;^)  I hope someone somewhere
found SOME of this useful! ;^)

Good luck!


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