[svlug] a dumb question re: linux upgrade

Brian Street brian.street at bayarea.net
Fri Jul 4 09:52:37 PDT 2003


Thanks for the information. A lot has changed since I last looked at RedHat
(6.2) and linux in general.


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On Fri, Jul 04, 2003 at 09:14:28AM -0700, Brian Street wrote:
> Thanks for the reminder; I was vaguely familiar with up2date
> (is that a RH thing or common among all distros?) to keep
> current but have never used it in principle.

Recent versions of all major distributions have their own
update mechanisms. Red Hat's update service is worth the money,
especially when you do not keep track of the updates.

However, apt is also available. See http://freshrpms.net/ and
http://www.fedora.us/ for maintaining your packages. The latter
has the the goal of providing a centralized 3rd party packages


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