[svlug] Debian desktops from Gnome to KDE?

Steve Hill svlug at nugrange.com
Thu Jul 3 20:02:44 PDT 2003

I have put Debian on my laptop, and have it pretty well tuned, but I 
cannot find out what the "knock-offs" are for the various desktops that 
are out there.  Some time ago, I used a window manager that allowed me 
to switch between windows with a hot key, and also allowed me to drag 
and drop apps from window to window.  Unfortunately, I got out of the 
Linux world for a little over a year, and when I came back, I'm still 
confused by the flurry of desktops, and even then, I can't find one that 
I really like.

Is anyone aware of a table with features versus software that would 
allow me to get what I want?

And while I'm at it, how does one change from on desktop to another, 
without reloading the distro??


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