[svlug] a dumb question re: linux upgrade

Brian Street brian.street at bayarea.net
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Thank you for your response. I definitely failed to realize all of the
libraries and other associated files that comprise the distro and are not
part of the kernel.

So, to repeat your reply, there is only so far I can go with upgrading a
kernel (major versions only) and then you must upgrade to the newer version
of the distro.

For example, I thought I might be able to upgrade a RH 6.2 kernel version
2.2.24 to the latest kernel version 2.4.x but that may prove more painful
than one would want. So, as long as I upgrade within the 2.2.x kernel it
should be fine.


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On Thu, 2003-07-03 at 14:36, Brian Street wrote:
> Isn't upgrading the kernel the same as upgrading the version? I would
> imaging unless there were significant changes made to the newer version of
> distro that I should be able to upgrade the kernel and packages and
> basically have the new version.
> Am I right or wrong?

Wrong.  It may be possible to use the newer kernel from a newer version
of a distribution with an older base distribution on your system, but
there are other considerations.

Here's what you'd get with a kernel only upgrade:

- newer modules.
- newer kernel.

Here's a few (not all) places you may get hungup:

- newer kernel usually needs newer modutils package.
- newer kernel may require newer mkinitrd.
- newer kernel may require newer fileutils.

Going with a custom kernel should work, so long as the major.minor rev
numbers are the same.  Still, there could be issues.

With a full upgrade of your distro to a new version of that distro, you
also get new libraries and header files, a new compiler, and all sorts
of bug and security fixes (but not necessarily the latest fixes).

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