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Sun Jan 26 13:49:02 PST 2003

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>>>>> "K" == Karsten M Self <kmself at ix.netcom.com> writes:

K> on Sat, Jan 25, 2003 at 12:15:25PM -0800, J C Lawrence (claw at kanga.nu) wrote:
>> This is wildly off-topic, for which I apologise profusely.  I'm hoping
>> y'all have worked with small conferences enough to know some ropes I
>> don't.
>> I'm setting up a small technical conference in a couple months and am
>> looking for a venue.  We're also looking for a cheap audio setup so that
>> we can record the talks, Q&A's etc.  The constraints:
>> -- Cheap ($1k okay, $2K pushing it).  This is a small technical
>> hobbyist group.

This probably won't work for this venue, but it's useful to know
about. About 10 years ago (so the relative prices may have changed),
we were looking for a week-long conference center for about 5-ish
people to brainstorm away from the distractions of the work
environment. Asilomar near Monterey was substantially cheaper than
any of the local hotels, even if we took just for a dedicated small
conference room in the hotel, and got rooms and meals at Asilomar. 
We were all quite surprised...

>> -- Preferably near SJC (weekend of 8th March, same week as GDC -- the
>> audience will also be at GDC).

K> Where's SJC?

That's the airport code for San Jose Internation Airport.

>> -- Space for ~30 people, a speakers area, and tables
>> -- Not a banked theater of seats.  Conversation and milling about are
>> essential components of the affair.
>> -- Audio setup could be as simple as a couple mics for the speakers
>> and one on the floor for Q&A.  Ultimately we just want MP3's out of
>> it.
>> -- 'Net connectivity is good, not essential.  Wireless, even slow
>> wireless or POTS dialup is just fine.

Asilomar was very flexible on those kind of needs. There was no net
access back then, I don't know about now.

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