[svlug] Re: svlug Digest, Vol 269, Issue 50

Joe Brenner doom at kzsu.stanford.edu
Thu Jan 30 23:09:57 PST 2003

Andrew Bertola <drew at drewb.com> wrote: 

> I've heard a few people on this list rave about speakeasy DSL.  I've
> heard they are Linux friendly and that their service is good.  I was
> about to recommend them to my client, but I wanted to check here first.
> Does anyone have any comments on their Covad ADSL service in the bay
> area?  I'm interested in whether or not there are slowdowns during peak
> business hours.  Also, any other comments or suggestions are welcome.

Well, there are three DSL providers that are mentioned here
every time the subject comes up: speakeasy, rawbandwidth,
and sonic.net.

I started to sign up with speakeasy recently, and I was
somewhat suprised that they delayed mentioning a $199
equipment charge (for the "DSL modem" etc) until farily late
in the process.

Rawbandwidth throws in the equipment for free if you commit
to them for a year.  Notably speakeasy requires a year
commitment as part of their regular deal.  

So I went with rawbandwidth, and I've certainly got no
complaints about them thus far.

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