[svlug] booting reiserfs rescue

George Georgalis georgw at galis.org
Thu Jan 30 15:11:36 PST 2003

I'm looking for a way to make a network backup of an install, and
restore that to another box with a different size disk.

tomsrtbt would work fine if it supported reiser filesystems, because I'm
using them too -- I would boot the floppy, mount and copy to device from

rsync seems an important tool for restoring images too.

the debian mkrescue program seems close to what I need, if only to get
a shell where I can format a disk and rsync an nfs (or maybe with ssh),
unfortunately I don't see doc on making a root filesystem, and of course
the destination machine has a blank disk.

I'm about to experiment and reverse engineer the bf2.4 install
floppies. But just because I could not find a suitable application
already made doesn't mean there isn't one. Any suggestions?

// George

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