[svlug] local repair/diagnosis recommendations for Compaq Armada notebook?

Alan yosemite at programmer.net
Mon Jan 27 16:31:32 PST 2003

My Armada 1750 refuses to awake from sleep mode, and the
status light combination is not described in the manual.

Might be a bad disk or MB, I have no idea.  It has dual-boot 
Win98 and Red Hat 7.x.

Any recommendations for local repair that won't cost more than
it's worth?  There is data on the disk I'd REALLY like to have
back, so if it IS a bad disk, I might need recommendations
for that as well.

Also, if anybody out there has a working Armada 17xx out
there who would be willing to let me try this drive long
enough to get the key data off, I'd appreciate that very much.
I have a portable USB Superdisk drive and could use Zip
or Jaz in a pinch.

Thanks much for any help!

Alan Denney     yosemite at programmer.net     408-736-3235

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