[svlug] gnome 1.4 oddities.

Ira Abramov lists-svlug at ira.abramov.org
Mon Jan 27 09:23:09 PST 2003

howdie people.
Gnome1 on my machine is acting strange. All the widgets - the buttons,
menus and most of the text fields of Gnome 1.4 apps are just not there.
I fire up "panel" and there are only icons in the menus, text label
only on some of the icons in the task bar, no text in the menus on 
Galeon's panels, menus and so on (no other problems that I can see).
Gfontsel can't show me samples of the fonts I usually use and
crashes on others.

this is NOT a font problem (xfontsel and non gnome1.4 apps work fine.
even gnome2 apps are fine).

this is NOT a problem with my personal config (I opened a "virgin" user
and the problem exists there as well)

it is NOT a problem with the packages as far as I can tell (I purged all
of them and apt-got them again, no good).

I would have concluded it was a problem with the gcc-3.2 transition in
Debian (sid) and a defunct widget library that can't draw fonts or
something, but a second sid machine works the same way (sid updated
daily, gnome1.4 on hold), doesn't show this problem.

Any guesses will be appreciated...

Harbinger of spring
Ira Abramov

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