[svlug] re: AGP monitor on(?) PCI slot???

Sanatan Rai sanat at stanford.edu
Sat Jan 25 15:16:10 PST 2003

: >1280x1024 at 70 Hz
: >1024x768 at 85 Hz (adjusted for this mode);
: >800x600
: >640x480
: this is the worst crap of Sony monitors I've seen in ages! Even if you paid
: $0.25 (plus $50 for S&H) for it you certainly overpaid.

	Very good. I paid $85 plus $50 for S&H. I suppose this puts me in
the category of class A chumps.

: The best (AGP) card for it is Matrox G400 MAX 32 MB, retail, around $65 at
: eBay, or at some Canadian online vendors. (I'm not associated either with

	This brings me to a few questions about PCI vs AGP. What I have
learnt is that (corporate version):

	AGP slots allow the vid card dedicated BW, so that graphics
rendering is faster. The protocol is graphics specific so is also in
general more efficient than PCI. So if you want the best out of the
monitor, use AGP else buy a `decent' PCI video card and you should still
be able to use the monitor, though not at the performence it can deliver
with an AGP.


: MonitorOnSale, or with Matrox, it's just my own practice. I could give you my
: secret 2048x1536x69 Hz modeline for that assembly, so you could enjoy 133 dpi
: resolution, and the sharpest serifs of 6-7 pointsize fonts -- just like me.
: Well, you'd need a so called Xft-hack instead of that notoriously crappy
: freetype 2.1.3 for that, but this is the easiest part.)

	I have wondered about the crappiness of fonts even on supposedly
high end displays. Only LaTeX/TeX or PDF gives me clear serifs with
different magnifications. I found out that much of this has to with binary
displayable files being available on one's system, and for most fonts one
has to shell $20 to get them from a foundry. So how is this related to the
monitor's muscles?

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