[svlug] re: AGP monitor on(?) PCI slot???

aludal aludal at softhome.net
Sat Jan 25 14:18:52 PST 2003

        I recently did something rather stupid, namely buying an old 20"
>monitor on eBay that requires an AGP card. As it happens, my box doesn't
>have an AGP slot, so now I am wondering if these monitors can work at all
>with some kind of high end PCI-graphics card? Or is this completely
yeah.... you might ask some people beforehand.


>Sony model GDM-1962B

>28 Sony Grill dpi (equivalent to .25 in normal monitors)
>HSCAN: 61-75 Khz
>VSCAN: 60-85 Hz

>1280x1024 at 70 Hz
>1024x768 at 85 Hz (adjusted for this mode);
this is the worst crap of Sony monitors I've seen in ages! Even if you paid 
$0.25 (plus $50 for S&H) for it you certainly overpaid.

Meanwhile, here:


you could find a real hidden gem of Sony monitors: 21" (19.8" vis.) 0.24 AG FD 
Trinitron 30-121 kHz/50-180 Hz 300 (!) MHz dot clock. It's only $279 for 
refurbished (was around $950 when new), and you could also test it in the 
shop, select the best focusing one, and pick it up yourself at their Hayward 

The best (AGP) card for it is Matrox G400 MAX 32 MB, retail, around $65 at 
eBay, or at some Canadian online vendors. (I'm not associated either with 
MonitorOnSale, or with Matrox, it's just my own practice. I could give you my 
secret 2048x1536x69 Hz modeline for that assembly, so you could enjoy 133 dpi 
resolution, and the sharpest serifs of 6-7 pointsize fonts -- just like me. 
Well, you'd need a so called Xft-hack instead of that notoriously crappy 
freetype 2.1.3 for that, but this is the easiest part.)

>Any ideas? Or have been as foolish as I think I have been?
depends on how much more than $50.25 you've paid for it.

Alexander Udalov


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