[svlug] Conference venues and audio recording?

James Leone LINUXCPA at netscape.net
Sat Jan 25 12:19:43 PST 2003

claw at kanga.nu wrote:

>This is wildly off-topic, for which I apologise profusely.  I'm hoping
>y'all have worked with small conferences enough to know some ropes I
>I'm setting up a small technical conference in a couple months and am
>looking for a venue.  We're also looking for a cheap audio setup so that
>we can record the talks, Q&A's etc.  The constraints:
>  -- Cheap ($1k okay, $2K pushing it).  This is a small technical
>  hobbyist group.
This command should pick up audio that is on its way in:

sox -c 2 -w -t ossdsp /dev/dsp -r 44100 track1.wav

I learned this by reading a post from a guy named Bruce Moffatt.

Hope this helps!


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