[svlug] AGP monitor on PCI slot?

Bill Beeman bbeeman at pacbell.net
Thu Jan 23 21:44:21 PST 2003

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> Hi,
> 	I recently did something rather stupid, namely 
> buying an old 20"
> monitor on eBay that requires an AGP card. As it 
> happens, my box doesn't
> have an AGP slot, so now I am wondering if these 
> monitors can work at all
> with some kind of high end PCI-graphics card? Or is 
> this completely
> impossible?
> Specs:
> Sony model GDM-1962B

This is indeed an oddball.  

See http://www.si87.com/MonitorSolutions/sony/gdm1962b.html

Good Luck...

Bill Beeman

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