[svlug] AGP monitor on PCI slot?

Sanatan Rai sanat at stanford.edu
Thu Jan 23 20:55:22 PST 2003

	I recently did something rather stupid, namely buying an old 20"
monitor on eBay that requires an AGP card. As it happens, my box doesn't
have an AGP slot, so now I am wondering if these monitors can work at all
with some kind of high end PCI-graphics card? Or is this completely


Sony model GDM-1962B

28 Sony Grill dpi (equivalent to .25 in normal monitors)
HSCAN: 61-75 Khz
VSCAN: 60-85 Hz

1280x1024 at 70 Hz
1024x768 at 85 Hz (adjusted for this mode);

Any ideas? Or have been as foolish as I think I have been?



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