[svlug] SpamAssassin question

Wayne Earl wayne at qconcepts.net
Thu Jan 23 15:53:33 PST 2003

I am in the middle of playing with SpamAssassin, and have it
configured to use procmail and shove everything into the caughtspam
folder in my $MAIL directory. All is well so far.

I have a question concerning whitelisting. I've whitelisted a number
of email addresses and domains for mailing lists, but honestly, I
subscribe to so many mailing lists (some of which send email rarely),
I can't remember all of my lists, and thus a list or two might fall
through the whitelist crack. Does SpamAssassin report or respond to
email that it tags as spam by default? I'm asking only because I'd
much rather see my mistake filter into an alternative mailbox, rather
than a bounce to a mail admin.

I'm using spamassassin version 2.43.

Wayne Earl <wayne at qconcepts.net>
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