[svlug] Re: Compact flash devices

Sundar Nagarajan svlug at bilbo.nagarajan.net
Tue Jan 21 22:23:26 PST 2003

On Tue, Jan 21, 2003 at 12:40:53PM -0800, David Hummel wrote:
> The same is true for a PCMCIA-CF adapter in a laptop.  The card is seen
> as an ATA device through the ide_cs module that loads when the card is
> inserted.  Actually the same is true for other types of flash memory
> PCMCIA adapters as well.  I have a 4-in-1 adapter that takes SD, MMC,
> SmartMedia, and MemoryStick.  At Fry's recently, I saw that they now
> have a 1GB CF card (expensive).

I have one of the multi-format USB readers (actually bought it at Fry's
and it was called a 7-in-1 reader).

I was able to get it to work under Mandrake 8.2. I was definitely able 
to read and write different types of cards (I tried reading and writing 
SD, CF and reading Sony Memory stick).

One issue I had was that each time you insert the card, it seems to get 
attached to a different SCSI device. So I had to manually do a mount. Also, 
it seems to require some hit-and-miss to identify which specific SCSI 
device to use to mount depending on which type of card I have inserted.

I am interested in getting some sort of script that will automatically
mount each type of card (when it is present) under a specific mount
point (e.g. CF under /mnt/cf and SD under /mnt/sd etc) but it seemed
tricky to achieve.

Has anyone else faced this, and are there any such scripts readily
available or pointers to how one can do this?

Sundar Nagarajan

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