[svlug] Compact flash devices

Andrew Bertola drew at drewb.com
Tue Jan 21 02:00:13 PST 2003

On Tue, 2003-01-21 at 01:47, J C Lawrence wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Jan 2003 01:36:33 -0800
> Bill Kendrick <nbs at sonic.net> wrote:
> > No. :^) Though I've seen some Linux- (or perhaps it was BSD-)based 1U
> > rackmount box that booted off of a CF card.  They simply used an IDE
> > do-hicky to let them plug in the CF card as if it were a drive.
> Ahh.  I don't know the physical architecture of the device yet, not from
> the vantage that Linux sees if from.  I *hope* that it appears as an ATA
> drive.

[I answered this once but it appeared to get hung up on an
authentication error.  I'm playing with sasl and smtp-auth.]

Check with http://www.idot.com.  Give them a call.  I saw one of these
up there.  It's like a 3.5" drive bay pcmcia adapter, but accomodates CF
cards and uDrives.  The other end is a 40 pin ATA.  The drive appears to
the system as /dev/hda.

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