[svlug] [Balug] Meeting tomorrow, 21 Jan

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Mon Jan 20 17:37:15 PST 2003

You can blame the short notice for BALUG on me this time;  Michelle's
had this fellow confirmed for over a week.  If making embedded gadgets
or hearing what's under the hood is your bag, then perhaps I'll see you
there :)

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  Okay folks, here's the scoop.

  Tomorrow's the third tuesday - today, if you're a bit slow to pick up
  the mail or too busy at the end of a standard workday.

  Those of us who indulge in the chinese food portions at BALUG will be
  fed in the lower restaurant this time.  There's a group in the banquet
  hall ahead of us which is SUPPOSED to clear out at 8pm to 8:30,
  conveniently the time we start to get some attention and get the 
  announcements going and introduce our speaker.   They're sorry for
  the slip up in dates that led to the tight booking, but I enjoy the
  main restaurant food, so I suspect you won't mind *that* much.

  We've got a VP from Celestix... one with techie clue, or so I am
  advised... to tell us about the trevails they went through turning 
  their grand dreams from an ordinary day on the sysadmin front (we
  all set up networking and firewalling, I suppose) to an embedded
  gadget which grandmas and shipping clerks can plug in and get going.
  Since they have more than one model of such appliances he'll also
  discuss the kind of things about the general problem of making a 
  good embedded app.

  As always there will be door prizes and a grand time chatting with
  fellow geeks.  

  Remember, if you want vegetarian or kosher meals please RSVP right
  away.  Other than that RSVPs are encouraged but not required (and thx
  to everyone who has already.  You know who you are.)  You can reply to 
  me privately if it's easier than hitting the web gadget (meetReg.html).

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