[svlug] RedHat 7.3 large disk installation woes

Dan Martinez dfm at area.com
Sun Jan 19 22:28:38 PST 2003

Paul Reed wrote:

> I found out the hard way that even though you may think the BIOS
> updating process has hung, do not reboot.
> Now I get to buy a new mobo + CPU.
> Wheeeeeeeeeee...

Your old mobo is still salvageable, you know, even if it doesn't offer
the dual-BIOS feature Marc alludes to. Practically all motherboards of
remotely recent vintage store the BIOS on a socketed EEPROM.

1. If you can find someone with access to an EEPROM burner, you can
   try reprogramming it yourself.

2. If you're lucky, your motherboard vendor may also be willing to
   reflash your BIOS chip for a nominal fee. (Soyo, up in Fremont,
   actually did this for me as walk-in after a botched BIOS reflash,
   earning them a grateful and loyal customer.)

3. Lastly, some third parties sell BIOS upgrades tailored to old
   machines. Replace your old chip with the new one they send you, and
   you're good to go. (This option, incidentally, ought to fix your
   capacity problems, too.) In particular, I've had good luck with the



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