[svlug] Wireless ?

Jan Daniel Semrau jsemrau at campus.hpu.edu
Sat Jan 18 21:53:47 PST 2003

Hi everyone,

I an thinking about installing a WLan. Any recommendations?
It should work well with my Linux boxes, good but not paranoid 
good throughput, nicely configurable thorugh a web interface, and play 
well with AT/T Cable.
I thought about the Netgear FM-114P or the Linksys BEFW11S4 as 
recommended by
Toms hardware guide. But I am no sure. 
Another thought I had was buying a Sun SparcStation 5 for really cheap. 
Is it possible to integrate it wirelessly ?

Regards, Dan

President Delta Mu Delta 
Business Honor Society  
Hawaii Pacific University
University of Technology, Darmstadt
jsemrau at campus.hpu.edu
(408) 480 2128

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