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Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Fri Jan 17 20:07:30 PST 2003

Forwarding to SVLUG...  Apologies for a schedule conflict with Linux events
on the Peninsula as listed on Bay Area Linux Events.  However, this is the
time that worked best juggling availability of the facility and the event
coordinator's schedule.

Forwarded message:
>From: james <james at FactoryNoir.com>
>To: announce at sbay.org
>Subject: [SBAY Announce] Wireless Lab
>Date: Fri, 17 Jan 2003 19:47:54 -0800
>    The SBAY Wireless Project will hold its first monthly "SBAY Wireless 
>Labfest" on January 25 : 3pm-6pm at SJSU Art building room 206 / 
>206a(see note #1).  They'll be on the afternoons of the 4th Saturday of 
>the month - that's a week after the SBAY Pizza.
>    This is intended as a lab/work session for participant-owned 
>equipment which will be used in their homes or workplaces to connect to 
>the SBAY Wireless Network.  It's also where we'll work on equipment to 
>be installed at the SBAY Wireless repeater site.  Ongoing it should 
>become a forum for experimentation on future SBAY Wireless projects.
>    Please note that sbay.org's principle of "carry your own weight" 
>applies here too.  This is not a general wireless installfest.  It's 
>fine to come for help if you're planning to participate in SBAY 
>Wireless projects and experimentation, and intend to help others later 
>on when you can.  It's also OK to come meet people and consider if 
>you'd like to participate. Some socializing is always expected at 
>sbay.org events.
>    Help is not being offered for wireless installations unrelated to 
>SBAY Wireless, nor for basic wireless network tutoring.  While it's 
>possible someone might be so generous, please don't come with 
>expectations to find such help except by sheer luck.  The project can 
>do only what its volunteers accept, and that's not what they're coming 
>to labfests for.
>(note #1) Room 206 is approximately in the asterisked position on the 
>map(studio-map.png) it is a classroom with attached studio on the 
>second floor.
>for location on campus:
>    http://www.sbay.net/labfest-200301-studio-map.png
>for directions to campus:
>    http://www.sbay.net/labfest-200301-sjsu-dir.pdf
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