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John McDonnell johnmc at
Fri Jan 17 16:16:40 PST 2003

It would appear that on Fri, 17 Jan 2003, James Leone did say:

> However, Windows is easier for the unknowledgeable person to use.

Depends what level you are talking about here. We could all trot out stats
to support our positions on this matter but that's not the issue I'm

> Its almost impossible to count all of the special procedures one has to
> use to make full use of the Linux operating system.

And it's not impossible to count all the magic incantations and control
panels etc. that an NT/2K admin has to know?

> I think that whatever the message may be, it hasn't convinced 95% of the
> population.

That's because we don't have the marketing power that MS has (or had).
That is MS's *main* strength - an unbelievable ability to take a piece of
steaming excrement from the ground, put it in a shiny box and sell it to
millions for an inordinate sum of money. They could say black was white
and the general public would believe them.

This was one of Apple's huge problems - any marketing people first had to
battle with Steve Jobs' enormous ego before making any headway. Don't get
me wrong here, I <heart /> Apple and I feel their day is coming (again).

Anyway, um, yeah. We all know there's a steeper learning curve on Linux
but not every Linux user has to be an admin. My wife, for example, hates
terminals and the command line but uses Linux all the time. She leaves the
complicated things to me. I personally hate office suites and avoid big
honking email apps, preferring to use Pico(well, actually nano -p) and
Pine(until Mutt looks like Pine, I won't be happy using it)

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