[svlug] More problems

J. Paul Reed preed at sigkill.com
Thu Jan 16 02:39:36 PST 2003

Hey all:

So, I fried my BIOS and instead of just getting a new BIOS, which I could
have done, I bought a new motherboard + CPU, specifically an AMD Athlon
1600 and an MSI K7N2 mobo, with the nVidia chipset.

Despite a bent CPU pin (corrected with tweezers), a RedHat install went
fine and the system boots Ok.

The problems begin when the system is actually used: if I try to do any
heavy lifting with my new Western Digital hard drive (the piece of the
puzzle that started this whole mess), then system responsiveness is just
GONE. By heavy lifting, I mean something like loading Mozilla or doing a
'cp -a' of a huge directory with lots of files will do it.

Redrawing in X is jittery (as in 'top' refreshes in an xterm or simply
drawing the output of dmesg); what I notice most, though, is the keyboard
and the mouse are both very jumpy and non-responsive.

I figured here someone may have seen this general problem before, and I'm
*hoping* it's a BIOS setting I'm missing or something stupid and simple
like that, not a crappy mainboard (and by crappy, I do not mean broken or
defective... I mean crappy...)

So... any ideas on *this* one?


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