[svlug] StarOffice Filter for Visio files?

Ixanian Craig Nichols fathom at armory.com
Wed Jan 15 14:52:00 PST 2003

Greg Herlein wrote:
> Anyone know a way to get visio files into some app in
> linux?  Google's not helping me find much, so I'm hoping someone
> has a trick.

Not exactly, no. The only options I've found so far (in a very little bit of 
looking) are:

	- Open the file in Visio and save it to a different format. Visio groks
	  several portable formats, such as eps, ps, vml, dwg/dxf (AutoCAD),
	  jpg, gif, tif, png, bmp, and html.
	- Use VMWare, Win4Lin or WINE to start Visio.
	- Have the person giving you the file save it in a non-proprietary format
	  first (good luck).

None of these are great options, I know. Sorry. If you can get the Visio files 
into a CAD format, there are CAD programs for linux (such as linuxcad), but I 
can't comment on the pricing, availability, or usability of any of them.

- Ix

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