[svlug] RHCE exam

Akbar Ahmed akbar_svlug at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 15 01:08:47 PST 2003

--- Louie <bishop at pacbell.net> wrote:
> Well I just down from up their to L.A
> I'm' trying to find me a nice online
> tutorial or some free class towards
> getting the RHCE.

The cheapest method is to download the Red Hat ISO's,
install them, and then type info or man. 

The Red Hat training manuals (at least as of RH 6.2 or
so) were 95% man page snippets. That's not an insult
to Red Hat either. The snippets were very well
selected and presented in an extremely useful manner
so as to make learning RH Linux easier.

You could (maybe) do just as well by reading the TOC
for the RH manuals and then reading the appropriate
man pages.

Also, I think the cheapest non-free way to study for
the RHCE is to have someone buy the RHCE manuals in a
lower cost economy (such as India) and ship them to
you. You can get the manuals from three (3) or so
courses for approx. $300 (compare that to the cost of
one course in the US). Obviously, you won't be able to
take the trainer led sessions. 

However, regardless of your learning tools I would
strongly suggest that you install and use Linux on a
computer at home.


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