[svlug] "Mysterious" network activity(?)

Karen Shaeffer shaeffer at neuralscape.com
Tue Jan 14 09:52:50 PST 2003

On Tue, Jan 14, 2003 at 09:33:15AM -0800, Joel Seidman wrote:
> expected. But even if I haven't started a browser, about a minute or so
> after I log in to an account (either root or user), the phone is dialed
> anyway. If I subsequently hang up, it happens again maybe an hour or so
> later. I conclude that some unknown (to me) background process is
> deciding to contact something or someone on the network. What is it? Or
> how would I go about figuring out what it is?

Hello Joel,

You can id the process or processes easily. To work from the command line,
look into:

man netstat
man tcpdump
man ifconfig
man ps

learn about the /proc/ filesystem. There are docs in the kernel source code
tree under the Documentation directory.

You'll know what to do, once you id the process or processes.

 Karen Shaeffer
 Neuralscape, Palo Alto, Ca. 94306
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