[svlug] RedHat 7.3 large disk installation woes

Kim Genrich kgb6019 at attbi.com
Tue Jan 14 09:37:27 PST 2003

Hi Mr. Reed;

You didn't say what type of mobo you are using, but if it's two-ish or more 
years old, read on...

What you describe is exactly what happens when you use a hard disk bigger than 
the bios can deal with. The solution is easy. Go to the www of the mobo 
manufacturer and download the latest bios image and bios installer. Follow 
the manufacturers instructions for upgrading (or flashing) your bios.
(you will probably need an old dos floppy handy)
Reconnect your whopper hard disk and have fun!

I ran into this problem numerous times when folks started buying (ide) disks 
larger than 20 gigs. 

Note: Don't be surprised if the chs reported for the new disk seems bogus. It 
IS bogus. It's common on some older boards to have the new disk report 
something like 255 heads and other nonsense. Let it be and don't worry about 

Oh yes, One more thing... LBS is correct in most cases.


Mrs. Kim Genrich

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