[svlug] confusing 'mount' error

Driver, Diron ddriver at primephotonics.com
Mon Jan 13 14:20:20 PST 2003


I am using RedHat 7.0 and I do not have X-windows installed.  It is a
very simple partition that we are supposed to use for kernel compilation
for use on a DOC (Disk-On-Chip) supplied with an industrial computer.
Sorry, I forgot to mention my distro because I thought I already had
(I've written this plea on a few different forums).

As for your questions, yes, I have a /mnt/floppy point from my root
partition.  FSTAB is correct for the automatic mounting of /mnt/floppy.
I can't give you the exact contents of my fstab file right now as I am
currently installing RedHat on a partition that just died on me.  I
think static shock might have fried a few sectors of my HD because fsck
can't repair it, too many bad inodes.

Mounting the floppy drive used to work, now it doesn't.  I've never seen
this error before.  Maybe I didn't umount the device and turned power
off??  I think I remember a friend in college screwing up his Linux
install by doing that, and I may have done that as well.  I am working
on an embedded system that uses a standard industrial PC.


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Hi Diron,

Before I get into the technical stuff,

If you do not have Mandrake then try this...

Open up a shell and type this:

mount /mnt/floppy

If you have Mandrake, click on the home icon and then click on the up 
arrow until you see some folders labeled:


Click on the folder labeled "mnt"

Wait a few seconds, then you will see some folders appear. Click on 
floppy and your disk should be mounted.

If that works and you are using a GUI, right click on your desktop and 
say create new floppy device and pick /mnt/floppy as the device.

If that doesn't work...

Can I ask you a few questions so I can sort out what is going on?

What distribution are you using?

Can you do me a favor? Can you log in as root and post the contents of 

...this file will tell me a little bit about what may be happening....

Also, is there a directory called /mnt/floppy or /media/floppy in the 
Linux partition?

James Leone

Driver, Diron wrote:

> Hey all,
> I'm new to this group, but I really need some help with a confusing 
> mount error. I'm trying to mount the floppy device '/dev/fd0' and 
> mount keeps telling me that '/dev/fd0' has wrong major or minor 
> number. . . what the heck does this mean?? I don't know how I screwed 
> up the mount or device, but it looks ok in /dev. All the access 
> permissions look ok, how do I fix this??? Any help is greatly
> Thanks.
> *************************
> Diron
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