[svlug] Doubts in file system.

R Balaji balaji_raman7_2000 at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 12 18:14:05 PST 2003


Iam going to install redhat linux 8.0 in my system.

Currently I have 7.3 which occupies more space in error logs.

Also I have recompiled the kernel many times and iam not comfortable in having that many versions of kernel.

There are manu users to this system and so I am backing up the entire home dir to a temp hard disk.

Even tho I am convinced that any files in any other dir other than /home need not have a backup as Iam going to install a fresh copy of linux, iam afraid that if I would need any other files from these dir later when i work with 8.0.

so please advice me if i have to backup all other directories too?



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