[svlug] Linux has 12% of corporate desktop market

Will Lowe harpo at thebackrow.net
Sat Jan 11 10:24:41 PST 2003

>     departments. It found that 19 were using Linux in low-end servers,
>     14 to support databases and 11 had deployed it on mainframe
>     computers. Twelve per cent had rolled out Linux on the desktop.
>                ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

This may not mean what it sounds like on the surface.  I actually use
a Linux desktop at work, but I use a Linux desktop everywhere.  Our
DB folks have started deploying databases on redhat ... so they've
got a couple of PCs in their cubes running linux as test boxes or
X-interface-to-Oracle-GUI things.

They're "on the desktop" but they haven't replaced M$ as the place
where the user actually does most of their work.


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