[svlug] Linux has 12% of corporate desktop market

John Conover conover at rahul.net
Sat Jan 11 00:58:10 PST 2003



where Goldman Sachs, (the investment banking/VC folks,) claim that 12%
of the companies in their survey have "rolled out Linux on the
desktop." (Its the largest numbers I've seen.)

I wonder how much of it is using Linux as a negotiating position with
the Redmond bandits, the old "... we have Linux running on some of our
desktops ... now about the T's & C's of your corporate license
... Linux isn't imposing a Draconian licensing policy on us ... you
need to sharpen your a pencil a little bit, too ..."

Kind of sweat; damned if they do-damned if they don't-a classic double
bind market strategy.

We really need to congratulate our marketing department.



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