[svlug] Spam Apologies

James Leone linuxcpa at netscape.net
Fri Jan 10 18:17:41 PST 2003

Apology accepted...


It could happen to me some day...

James Leone

Daniel Curry wrote:

>To all subscribed to the SVLUG list,
>I would like to apologize for the problems yesterday with my RHCE e-mail being sent so many times to the list.  I have added certain updates to my exchange server.  According to MS this is a very rare issue, but a logged error, none the less.  $245.00 to find that out, good job, support.  Would someone PLEASE be kind enough ot unblock my server's IP ( from the list?
>Again, I apologize for this flood loop.  I was not at my desk when it started, so I did not know it was occuring until a nice gentleman, who's name I did not catch, called me about it.  Whoever you were, thanks, you got me out of a horribly stale and not moving budget meeting.
>Daniel Curry
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