[svlug] RHCE exam

Bill Schoolcraft bill at wiliweld.com
Fri Jan 10 05:37:24 PST 2003

At Thu, 9 Jan 2003 it looks like Richard Sharpe composed:

> working with the LPI, the RHCE exam is very thorough and oriented around 
> practical experience.

In having successfully taken and passed the first two LPI tests
a while back and yet to take any RHCE test(s) I'd suspect you
won't find any Debian related "apt-get" command questions in the
RHCE tests like you did/will in the LPI tests.

So, like a Solaris test, your RHCE test will in fact give you a
RedHat cert, no different than taking a course on Toyotas will
give you a cert to work on Toyotas.

>From having multiple "cuts-n-bruises" (which I wear like medals)
from using Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD, I'd really like to see
something that covers competency, not mastery, in all the
forward-slash OS's. 

This was a one time post on this subject, didn't want to start
any flame/thread.


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