[svlug] DeCSS author Johansen acquitted, online poll needs to be swamped

Ian Kluft ikluft at thunder.sbay.org
Wed Jan 8 00:19:28 PST 2003

CNN has an online poll regarding today's acquittal of Jon Johansen (author
of DeCSS).  The poll asks whether DeCSS was an act of theft or intellectual
freedom.  With 23,000+ votes cast, it's running 85% in favor of freedom.

We all know that's not good enough!  Spread the word and swamp that poll...

More info on Johansen's acquittal is at

Along with Elcomsoft's acquittal last month, these are both big blows
against the DMCA.  Another battle won.  So now is the time to celebrate
victory.  We need the morale boost.  Because after that, we'll press on
with the fourth year of the war against the DMCA.

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