[svlug] syslog() gets blocked?

Ira Abramov lists-svlug at ira.abramov.org
Mon Jan 6 01:22:46 PST 2003

while trying to boot two machines at the same time I noticed one boots
and one doesn't. further investigation showed that after issuing one of
the an IP address, the DHCP server tries to record that fact in syslog
and gets blocked for about 35 seconds before it is freed to serve the
next machine.

DHCP server is SuSE Enterprise (SLES 7) and we'll be issuing them a bug
report soon (after trying to create a repeatable test case and with the
help of SCT :) But I just wanted to ask if anyone has seen anything like
this? syslog() dhould be non-blocking as far as I know, and here I have
an idle machine, syslogd is sleeping, and dhcpd blocks for half a
minutes(!!) trying to write to it. any ideas to help my investigation?

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Ira Abramov

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