[svlug] Re: why not have a separate "job offer" list?

Ira Abramov lists-svlug at ira.abramov.org
Sun Jan 5 23:02:29 PST 2003

Quoting David E. Fox, from the post of Sun, 05 Jan:
> > We already have one special interest list, LSEC, so

umm, I'm pretty sure I subscribed to that and never got a single post
through it, is it dead?

> > why not create a SVLUG-jobs list?  Jobs seem like a
> Recent experience on other newsgroups / lists would suggest that if a
> job list were created, it would soon become very unmanageaable. Look
> for instance at ba.jobs.* - over the years it's become a spam haven
> for recruiters who seem ignorant about locality of the position and
> other things.

ahh, but then the job of moderating it will be made automatic (every
post passes through the moderator instead of the manual moderation we
have now).

at these tough times, I think it's a great idea, I'll offer it to my
local LUG here in Israel :)

The Count of Montי Christo
Ira Abramov

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