[svlug] linux/debian and memory stick quandary ...

James Todd jwtodd at pacbell.net
Fri Jan 3 21:55:16 PST 2003

hi -

	i'm having a bit'o trouble trying to mount the memory stick
	drive that is part of my CRX175C/M sony cdrom. the
	/var/log/messages details are as follows:

Jan  2 16:19:29 xphylz kernel: Linux version 2.4.18 (root at xphylz) (gcc 
version 2.95.4
  (Debian prerelease)) #2 Fri Apr 12 11:55:27 PDT 2002
Jan  2 16:19:29 xphylz kernel:     ide1: BM-DMA at 0xa808-0xa80f, BIOS 
settings: hdc:
DMA, hdd:DMA
Jan  2 16:19:29 xphylz kernel: hdc: SONY CD-RW CRX175A, ATAPI CD/DVD-ROM 
Jan  2 16:19:29 xphylz kernel: hdd: SONY MEMORYSTICK CRX175M, ATAPI 
cdrom or floppy?,
  assuming FLOPPY drive
Jan  2 16:53:22 xphylz kernel: hdd: driver not present

	any ideas? any/all suggestions welcomed although i do not,
	as of this time, mount the memory stick via a usb device
	which looks to be the trend according to liberal google
	searches on the topic.

	much appreciated,

- james

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