[svlug] unix work - the poor mans agency

Steven L. Fountain slf at dreamscape.org
Fri Jan 3 17:22:00 PST 2003

> To propose something radically different in this payment procedure, I
> would pay a modest sum (100$-200$) per paycheck in exchange for
> maintaining a decent working relationship with some good recruiters. I
> depend on them to help me get the jobs I truely want, they in exchange
> help me knowing that I am residual income.

If this were a union, or a shared-opportunity collective of
workers-helping-workers, the idea could go really far!

I will pay *anyone* who can guarentee me a job 200$ per paycheck as long
as they keep me represented, plugged for new jobs (taken with them),
mentored, etc.

Changing to 200$ per paycheck 'royalties' for the poor man's agent or
recruiter one could make a killing. It would motivate agencies to help as
many people as fast as possible as frequently as possible. It would
motivate the industry to move forward on alot of backlogged projects.

I think it's time we as a group started defending ourselves like a group.


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