[svlug] unix work - blatant shameless self promotion

Steven L. Fountain slf at dreamscape.org
Fri Jan 3 16:00:07 PST 2003

!! disclaimer: blatant shameless self promotion

how many, if any, job offers actually end up here if routed through
officers at svlug.org ? i have been waiting for opportunities of this sort.
that's almost an elitist first-right taxation.

list members: after witnessing a good deal of trickery following contacts
found from craigslist (contract hijacking, theft of interests, inadequate
representation and defenses etc), i'm getting a little out of spirit. i've
been unemployed since august 2001 when Excite at Home was stolen by AT&T.

i also was screwed over by the recording industry of america when Napster
was shut down and was given the boot the week searches were disabled.

i danced around the Hotmail scene for 2 years before that, but i started
working there the same week microsoft bought them out so i watched 100
people get filthy rich and corrupt themselves and eventually join the
monopolist redmond pyramid (which severed a good number of contacts)..

i need some help getting back on track. everybody i've ever worked with
who was in the loop, smart, and had a cool head with a dash of morals and
character moved out of the state.

its the new year, this is the time to be seeking work. the sooner i fall
into the world of linux/solaris unix sysprog hacking and necromancy the
better... i'm losing myself. save me from myself.


ps: shameless plug i guess... number: 925-895-1500

On Sat, 4 Jan 2003, Marc MERLIN wrote:

> As usual, job offers have to go to officers at svlug.org for review, please
> do not post here.
> Marc
> ----- Forwarded message from Rick Kwan <lci2002 at lightsaber.com> -----
> From: Rick Kwan <lci2002 at lightsaber.com>
> To: officers at lists.svlug.org
> cc: Rick Kwan <rick.kwan at lightsaber.com>
> Dear SVLUG officers,
> Would you please make the svlug mailing list aware of the following
> employment opportunity.
> --Rick Kwan, AerospaceComputing, Inc.
>   rick.kwan at lightsaber.com
> Software Engineer - Aeronautics
> AerospaceComputing, Inc. (ACI) is working with NASA Ames Research
> Center and Raytheon Corporation on software tools for air
> traffic management (ATM) of the National Airspace System (NAS).
> Job assignment is at NASA Ames.
> Requirements:
>   * US Citizen or Permanent Resident
>   * Minimum 4 years experience, including: strong development
>     skills in C/C++ and Java (J2SE or J2EE), OO design and
>     development methodology.
>   * Familiarity with UNIX/Linux and Windows as development and
>     deployment platforms
> Desired qualifications:
>   * Knowledge of ATM tools, or background as pilot or controller
>   * Knowledge of MATLAB and numerical methods
>   * Background in shell scripts, Perl, HTML
> More job details at http://www.aerospacecomputing.com/employment.html
> Send resume as ASCII text to vrocchild at mail.arc.nasa.gov
> ----- End forwarded message -----
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