[svlug] Hype or threading?

Florin Andrei florin at sgi.com
Thu Jan 2 11:24:03 PST 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-01 at 23:37, Ira Abramov wrote:
> we got a dual Xeon machine with Hyperthreading. from the little info I
> could find here and there it seems that only 2.5 kernel schedulers
> support it, whereas our software must run on a vendor-certified SuSE
> 2.4.18 kernel. what are my options, other than trying to fiddle with the
> BIOS or something into disabling the secondary core on each chip so
> linux sees only two CPUs rather than 4?

According to an interview with Robert Love (can't find the URL right
now), even hyperthreading non-aware kernels should do a good job on
hyperthreading systems.

If i were you :-) i'd run a few tests first and compare the results.

Theory is good. Practice is better. ;-)

Florin Andrei

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