[svlug] Re: Hype or threading?

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Thu Jan 2 01:06:40 PST 2003

Quoting Prafulla Harpanhalli, from the post of Thu, 02 Jan:
> IMHO the OS shud schedule tasks in order to exploit
> parallelism that hyperthreaing provides. Compiling
> 2.4.18 with support for SMP is one alternative. Bcoz
> even a 'noht' boot argument does'nt help.

no, a kernel that isn't aware of the hyperthreading pairs and treats the
system as a 4 way SMP would cause L1 cache starvation and the system
CRAWLES. the newer schedulers assign tasks to CPU pairs only when they
have common code and therefore less cache problems. the question is what
to do when your kernel is a 2.4.18 which you are not alowed to patch
(especially not central bits like the scheduler :)

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