[svlug] Save your SCO invoice: Bay Area Software Professional s for Responsibility and Accountability

Vinarsky, Boris Boris_Vinarsky at maxtor.com
Fri Aug 29 16:46:50 PDT 2003

Did somebody actually receive the invoice? I am curious what is the ground
for the claim in the invoice. Is it possible to scan it (with the invoice
number and the recipient name/address covered)?

Assuming Linux has some files from UNIX, I do not understand how SCO is
planning to collect from the Linux users.

SCO -> Linux Shop: You owe us money, here is the invoice.
Linux Shop -> SCO: Prove your claim.
SCO -> Linux Shop: Sign NDA.
Linux Shop -> SCO: No.
SCO -> Linux Shop: We need to keep the files secret.
Linux Shop -> SCO: Your problem. No proof - no money.

SCO -> Linux Shop: You owe us money, here is the invoice.
Linux Shop -> SCO: Prove your claim.
SCO -> Linux Shop: Here are the files.
Linux Shop -> Linux Community: Here are the problem files.
Linux Community rewrites the parts in question. SCO has no case anymore.

What I am missing?

Boris Vinarsky

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Subject: [svlug] Save your SCO invoice: Bay Area Software Professionals
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If you receive an "invoice" from The SCO Group, please do not waste it
on a prank or expression of contempt for SCO -- they're certainly
expecting that.  If you want to do something symbolic with your
"SCO invoice", make a copy.

After careful consideration, you may decide to give the false invoice
to law enforcement as part of a request to investigate SCO for fraud.

We are starting a low-traffic announce-only mailing list to share
information on Bay Area community responses to the SCO invoice
scam, which will most likely include giving the "invoices" to law

Who:   Bay Area Linux users, especially anyone who thinks that he 
       or she may receive a false invoice from The SCO Group

What:  Mailing list for announcements regarding local responses to
       SCO's fraudulent mailing

Where: Sacramento, probably, that's where California Attorney General 
       Bill Lockyer is.

When:  Subscribe now, more info after the "invoices" come.

Why:   Because we're software professionals who are for responsibility
       and accountability (see subject).

Doing some symbolic action with your "invoice" may be satisfying
or attention-getting, but SCO is expecting this.  But as soon
as they use false claims to attempt to get money from anyone,
they're doing something that is at least legally questionable,
and that you may wish to have law enforcement take a look at.

Please _save_ the "invoice" and envelope.

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