[svlug] Save your SCO invoice: Bay Area Software Professionals for Responsibility and Accountability

David N. Welton davidw at dedasys.com
Wed Aug 27 23:57:12 PDT 2003

Here's another idea:

www.sco.com has lists of all their various partners online, in
different areas like training, resellers, and so on.

As an independant consultant (and there are a lot of us these days) I
have begun contacting those in my area to see if they are interested
in learning more about Linux.  I figure that it could be mutually
beneficial: they are currently tied (well, maybe, a lot of them have
other lines of business as well) to a sinking ship (I don't say it in
exactly these terms), so moving on to something better might be good
for them.  And I might get my foot in the door with them to get
involved with some of their projects and clients, if I play my cards

If you do this, please don't sneer at them, or focus too much on what
nasty people SCO are, since these VARS/whatever are not at all
responsible for that.  Be kind, courteous, and persuasive, and you
might come out ahead!  And if enough people do this, it's certainly
going to get people thinking about SCO and where they are headed...

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