[svlug] Where do you get your info from?

Nick Austin nick at digitalpipe.net
Sun Aug 24 21:39:05 PDT 2003

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Also, I would use freshmeat.net for software releases.

On 24 Aug 2003, Norbert Cartagena wrote:

> Hey all;
> Recently, I've been on the hunt for numerous sources of information
> recently for a number of projects I've been playing around with and have
> just realized the power of IRC, newsgroups, and mailing lists when it
> comes to this. That made me think about the following: Other than this
> list, what sources of information do you guys go to for Open Source and
> Free Software related issues? From mailing lists to newsgroups, IRC to
> carrier pigeons - whatever you can mention will be what I'm looking for;
> This question is not limited to Linux, so whatever floats your boat
> (from AbiWord to Zope development), go for it, I'd like to know.
> *Note that I'll gather all the answers offered and gather them on a list
> which I'll publish back on this list for the benefit of others. I'm not
> focusing on websites because there are already a number of other
> websites which do this whole "to get more info on" thing, such as the
> Documentation section at Linux.com.
> Thanks a bunch;
> Gnorb
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