[svlug] Where do you get your info from?

Norbert Cartagena gnorb at tampabay.rr.com
Sun Aug 24 20:53:56 PDT 2003

Hey all;

Recently, I've been on the hunt for numerous sources of information
recently for a number of projects I've been playing around with and have
just realized the power of IRC, newsgroups, and mailing lists when it
comes to this. That made me think about the following: Other than this
list, what sources of information do you guys go to for Open Source and
Free Software related issues? From mailing lists to newsgroups, IRC to
carrier pigeons - whatever you can mention will be what I'm looking for;
This question is not limited to Linux, so whatever floats your boat
(from AbiWord to Zope development), go for it, I'd like to know.

*Note that I'll gather all the answers offered and gather them on a list
which I'll publish back on this list for the benefit of others. I'm not
focusing on websites because there are already a number of other
websites which do this whole "to get more info on" thing, such as the
Documentation section at Linux.com.

Thanks a bunch;

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