[svlug] Wireless Access Point recommendations?

Piotr Zbiegiel peter at usestrict.org
Sat Aug 23 11:08:02 PDT 2003

Hello everyone,
	I'm considering adding a WAP to my home network and I'd like to hear
recommendations on which model people have found highly functional.  Let
me spell out what intentions and my current thoughts on what I am
looking for.  While these are not set in stone, they are definately
important points for my needs.

	First off, my current configuration is all my computers sit behind a FW
connected to my ISP.  I was thinking about adding a WAP, however, I'm
security conscious so I've been thinking of the best place to put it. 
My idea was to purchase a Cable/DSL router that includes a WAP built
right in.  That would be connected to my ISP and then my other FW device
would connect to the Cable DSL router.  Thereby creating several layers:

	Internet->FW->Wireless Lan->FW->Local Lan

	Hope that makes sense.  Anyhow, I am looking for a wireless DSL router
that can do 128-bit WEP, disable SSID broadcast, and lock by MAC address
at the very least.  It, of course, has to have WAP and ethernet ports as
well as a WAN port to hook into my ISP.  It needs to do FW (SPI
preferred and bonus if it can do fw between the wireless and wired
agents).  Bonuses would be some sort of authentication built into the
router(certificate-based?) and/or VPN support(for the Wireless agents). 
**Yes, everyone look at me, I'm paranoid**

	I know what the first answer will be!  A linux/*BSD box running
FreeS/WAN with a wireless card or something or a WAP + NoCatAuth
(http://nocat.net/wiki/index.cgi?HomePage).  And I have to say to you:
NO! I really love computers but damn if I am going to set up one more
with it's whirring fans and spinning harddrives!  Sucking electricity(we
have a problem here in CA, y'know) and generating heat!  I don't have
any "servers" which are always on at my house. (*GASP*)  I know, I know,
what kind of computer freak am I?!  So setting up an NoCatAuth server
would be somewhat difficult and annoying.  Anyhow, I'm in the market
here for a solid-state solution.  Lot less power, heat, noise, etc.

	Currently, I am looking at the Netgear MR814 Wireless 4-port Cable/DSL
Router.  It's $44 @ Amazon and seems to have all the basic features I am
looking for.  I've had lots of luck with Netgear and not-so-much luck
with Linksys.  However, if some other company, including Linksys has a
better offering, let me know.  I'm willing to spend more to get more (to
a point).

Thanks everyone for your time,


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