[svlug] Re: Open Source Criticism Questions

Erik Steffl steffl at bigfoot.com
Thu Aug 21 12:14:03 PDT 2003

Daniel Howard wrote:
> But I'm more in doubt than ever.  I'll study it more
> before making my final determination.
> If I do change, I will still try new open source. 
> But, I'll avoid recommending it or relying on its
> apparent feature set, quality and professionalism
> until I've verified them myself.  I'll also likely

   that's pretty much obvious... regardless of whether you're talking 
about new washing machine or software or going hiking etc. the more 
important the outcome is for you the more you need to plan/study/test 
beforehand. and don't trust anybody...

> (Some may question my minimal due diligence with
> regard to commercial software but my career-long
> experience says otherwise.  Although I've had my
> difficulties with FUD, outrageous claims, crashes,
> viruses and bugs, most commercial products do what I
> expect them to, with a satisfactory feature set,
> quality and professionalism.  I'm not sure why others
> have such bad experiences; there could be a multitude
> of reasons.)

   I find that hard to believe. I have quite a lot of experience with 
both open source and commercial software and I don't see much difference 
in quality as far as widely used software goes. I have seen number of 
problems with commercial software, sometime fixed by company sometime 
not (get (and pay for) a new version, no response etc.). BTW if it's 
fixed by the company it usually costs a LOT. If you're using the open 
source solution you also can get somebody to fix it if you're willing to 
pay... again - this is not unique to software - just because you pay for 
something doesn't mean you're getting what you expect...


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