[svlug] Re: Open Source Criticism Questions

Daniel Howard dan_howard at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 20 17:16:27 PDT 2003

> Which software, and by who?  Can you provide any
> examples so people know what you're talking about?

Admittedly, I based my statement on my general reading
experience, not on specific articles.  Since I have no
interest in progressing any personal opinions here, I
ask that you ignore the statement and any conclusions
derived therefrom.  I unequivocally state that I am
wrong and have no evidence to back up the assertion.

> All open source programmers are relieved from all
> responsibilities, and owe absolutely nothing to
> anyone, unless you specifically hire one for
> development or support.

That seems to be the consensus.

> If a customer wants support, there are certainly
> companies that will sell you a support contract.  If
> you want a feature, there are people you can hire to
> add the feature.  But it's completely inappropriate
> to ask a developer to provide this as a
> "responsibility".

That seems to be the consensus as well.

> Is that really a free ride?  On a value-for-price
> basis, it is impossible for open source software to
> be a bad deal.  Not so for most Microsoft products,
> which can't even be returned for a refund if you use
> it for a while and decide you don't like it.

A reasonable argument, I think.  I disagree but don't
think that it is worth arguing over.

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