[svlug] Product review and eval sites wanted: AstroFlowGuard

Matt Olander matt at offmyserver.com
Wed Aug 20 15:12:21 PDT 2003

I'm the CTO at OffMyServer, a local systems vendor.  We're looking for
technical commentary and reviews of our AstroFloGuard product, as well
as a limited number of eval sites.  The short version:
  Us: Provide a full technical briefing (no marketing, I promise!), a
  hands-on introduction to the product and time to play with it on a
  test network and ask all the hard questions you want.

  You: Network or system administrator with background in small to
  medium sized businesses, departmental networks, or smaller ISPs (say
  50 - 500 nodes) who wants the chance to influence the development of a
  network management and monitoring product.
The basic feature list of the AstroFlowGuard is:
  Linux based 1U rackmount appliance with simple LCD-panel based initial

  Intended as more featured firewall and network management and
  monitoring station for small to medium sized sites.  Capable of
  handling up to 100Mb and would be typically deployed at enterprise,
  ISP, or ASP type companies or networks with multiple LAN/WANs.
  (AstroFlowGuard was initially developed by and for a mid-size ISP).
  Browser based UI (currently only IE but soon to be any browser
  compatible) for all features.
  Bandwidth management with real time reporting, time based management,
  auto-configuration, per-protocol and protocol family limits and
  Stateful Packet Filtering Firewall (iptables) with all the normal
  bells and whistles.
  All the normal protocol proxies.
  Real-time traffic analysis and packet logging on IP networks with IDS
  features and alerts.

  Fully IPSec capable (FreeSWAN) as a terminus or router.

  ...bits that I'm not allowed to mention publicly right now.

If you are interested, please email afg at offmyserver.com or call
(408)943-4108 and we'll schedule a time between August 27th and 29th to
drop by.  We'll provide snacks, coffee, a hands-on walkthrough of the
product, time to experiment and explore, and the chance to influence how
AstroFlowGuard develops and best changes to suit your needs.


Matt Olander               (408)943-4100 Phone
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