[svlug] Open Source Criticism Questions

Bill Kendrick nbs at sonic.net
Wed Aug 20 14:05:07 PDT 2003

On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 12:10:27PM -0700, M Wendall wrote:
> I respect a fully balanced review that explains both the good points as 
> well as bad, but I'm tired of hearing how "bad" open source is because 
> of teensy faults. Has anyone checked out how just plain *bad* MS stuff 
> has been lately?

Lemme check my Spam Assassin 'Graymail' folder...

About 650 copies of Sobig viruses, at about 100K a piece.
That's over 60MB of virus crap sitting around my ISP account until I go
in and delete it.

So yes, I HAVE seen how bad MS stuff is.  And I don't even _USE_ it! >:^(

> I hope that eventually, open source will be the best software around, 

Some of it already is.  Most consider Apache the absolute best web server
in existance, free or otherwise.

> I use both Linux and windoze to do work for which I get paid (a little). 
> So far, both are equally necessary. I'm waiting patiently for something 
> like PageMaker to be born in Linux and then I can drop windoze entirely.

I'm not sure if it even stands up to PageMaker, but at AmiWest, the
Amiga conference in Sacramento last month, I saw "PageStream" demonstrated
on an Amiga and on a Windows box.  They claim a Linux version is
coming soon.  (It's a commercial product, BTW.)

  http://www.pagestream.de/   [ in German ]

I know I've heard of some Open Source DTP project being worked on.
I haven't personally seen or tried any of them, though.


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